Oh So Delicious!

        dip mixes & sweet spreads

Welcome to Oh So Delicious! All of my dip mixes and sweet spreads are my original recipes and are made from naturally dried vegetables, fruit and herbs, (NO MSG) and each package is hand blended. The dip mixes are a unique blend of hearty dried veggies and savory spices. Serve them with your favorite crackers, chips or raw vegetables. The sweet spreads are loaded with fruit and nuts. They are perfect on a toasted bagel for breakfast, or served with a plate of cookies. Check out all my flavors!

        Where to buy Oh So Delicious products‚Äč

      I  participate in Craft Shows, Festivals  and  Food & Wine        Tasting Events in the Northcentral/Northeastern areas of Ohio.

                 That schedule is listed on the Events page.


     My dip mixes and sweet spreads are also available at select
        stores in Ohio. Check the event page for those locations.

      And of course, you can order my products on this                    website. I am happy to ship them to you!