Three Cheese Garlic       

 Romano cheese, parmesan cheese, white

 cheddar cheese, garlic, sesame seeds,

 lemon peel, chives and a blend of spices.


  Jalapeno Lime

  Jalapeno peppers, the tart taste of lime and

  a blend of spices.  This one is for those that

   like it Hot!!


   Romano cheese, tomato, garlic, onion, basil,

   oregano, paprika, chives, red peppers and

    a blend of spices.

  Very Veggie

  A savory mix of carrots, onion, green & red

   bell peppers,  celery, spinach, lemon and a

   blend of spices.

   My best seller!

  Crunchy Curry

   Spicy curry mixed with chopped peanuts, parsley

   and a blend of spices make this a great dip  

   for raw veggies.

 Dilly Cheese

  A blend of dill, green bell peppers and spices 

   mixed with white cheddar cheese.  Serve with  

   crunchy veggies.

 Oh So Delicious!

 Cheesy Spinach

  Hearty spinach, white cheddar cheese, sweet    

  red bell peppers and a blend of spices. Perfect     for chips or crackers.



 Dried tomato, chopped red chili peppers, chili     powder and a blend of spices.

   Honey Mustard

   Sweet honey blended with tangy Dijon

   mustard, bell peppers and a blend of spices.

   Tomato Parmesan

 Sun dried tomatoes mixed with creamy 

  parmesan cheese, basil, garlic, sweet green

  peppers and a blend of spices.

 Horsey Spinach

 Lots of spinach with tangy horseradish, lemon 

  and  a blend of spices make this dip a favorite.

  Try it on a roast beef sandwich.

 White Cheddar Onion

  Creamy white cheddar cheese, sweet onions,

  red and green bell peppers and a blend of spices.


  Perfect dip for raw veggies

​​  ​Wasabi Ranch

  Dried wasabi, soy sauce, ginger and red bell   peppers blended in a dried buttermilk base

  with a blend of spices.               


  Bell Pepper Ranch

  Dried Buttermilk blended with red and green

  bell peppers, sweet onions, garlic and a blend

  of spices.

                                                Dip Mixes

    Mix package ingredients with one cup sour cream & one cup mayo.   Chill at least two hours. Serve with raw veggies, chips or crackers.

  Makes two cups.                  $3.75 each