Beer Bread Mixes

 Jalapeno Beer Bread Mix

 This one has a spicy kick and a bit of sweet 

​  red bell peppers to balance the heat.

  Great served with chili or soup. 

 Italian Herb Beer Bread Mix

   Garlic, oregano and a blend of italian 

   spices. Perfect served with spaghetti.

​​​​​             My Beer Bread Mixes are quick and delicious.

                                   Just add beer!

                    The perfection companion to any meal.

     The leftovers make an awesome grilled cheese sandwich or 
cut the bread into small cubes and serve with any of my dip mixes.

                                         $6.50 each

  Honey Beer Bread Mix

  A blend of seasonings and  just a touch 
sweetness to this one.

    Best seller!